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Interview Ce Jian: Revealing the actual through the virtual

Portrait Ce Jian (2018) - Courtesy of the artist

A natural inclination towards art

Last December F-A-RT had the pleasure of interviewing Ce, an eloquent Chinese-born artist, in her studio in Berlin. Apart from being an acclaimed artist, she holds a PhD in visual history and regularly lets her pen flow for art magazines. When answering our questions, Ce starts by taking us back to her artistic roots, memories and influences.

(click on image below to view part 1 of the interview)

Rationally explaining the irrational: her artistic work

The importance of the virtual world with its digital tools is rapidly increasing. “Reality” as known and experienced by humans is approaching its end. Painting, regarded as both a serious and romantic medium, is firmly grounded in the physical here and now. Unless it is absorbed by the virtual. Then, although a centuries-old "search", the epistemological question comes up again: what can painting still teach us about perception and truth? (click on right image to view part 2 (I) of the interview)

Ce jian does not have the answer in the lease, but uses her paintings to pose highly current questions about the digitisation process and the perception of the virtual world. (click on image below to view part 2 (II) of the interview)

Wavy Chess (1) (2017) Acrylic, spray paint, marker, oil crayon on canvas 60x80cm Courtesy of the artist

The aesthetical and conceptual side of her

artworks are characterized by a tension between opposites: freedom versus control, objective versus subjective, actual versus virtual, near versus far, concrete versus abstract. By subverting our experience and perception of pictorial space, Ce reveals that a classic medium like painting is still relevant and thought-provoking for the future. She does this with great flair and especially by abandoning all existential and political chatter.(click on image below to view part 2 (III) of the interview)

Future of (y)our art

Finally, Ce shares unrealised projects and her vision for the future of (her) art.

(click on image below to view part 3 of the interview)

Since the interview was concluded, the artist participated in several exhibitions in which she explored other media than painting.

Shadows (full view) (2019) Ce Jian & Yuzheng Cheng Courtesy of the artist

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